Welcome to Catalogue

Every city in the world has its own transport system. But people aren’t just travelling within cities. They are traveling to and from cities and countries all over the world, and getting from A to B isn’t always a straightforward answer.

Chances are if you’ve found us here, you’ve made it your business to either provide transport for commuters or are looking for way to make it as easy for commuters to get around as possible. We’re here to connect data providers with developers, so that together we can find the most innovative mobility solutions for commuters in any location.

What is Catalogue all about?

Catalogue was formed in 2016 after a need was identified. Sure, there are other open source transport data services, but none that are global, open source, open governance and focused on any possible mobility means. And in today’s increasingly global communities, we saw the need for an open source data platform that transcends borders – just as transport does.

We are committed to providing an open source platform that helps developers, data producers and data enthusiasts all over the world record, store and share transport data all in one handy place. This includes raw and live data relating to public transport systems including buses, trams, trains and ferries, as well as air travel, taxi services, ride sharing services, bicycle hire, parkings or even co-working spaces.

It is our mission to align mobility data from all over the world so that developers can provide accurate and up-to-date information to travellers, wherever they are, wherever they are going and for any reason they need to move.

Why are we doing what we’re doing?

Ultimately, we believe that data should not be owned. We believe that data should be shared and used to its full potential and create global value for the society. Catalogue was created to provide a place for data producers and developers to share transport related data, and our number one priority is ensuring that this data is open source. We recommend that data owner share their data on Catalogue with the most open licences, to make users free to innovate in any way they choose.

Our Objectives

We founded Catalogue with one clear goal in mind: foster a collaborative community of data producers, developers and enthusiasts and build the world’s largest global open source data platform for transport industries.

We strive to:

Provide the world’s most comprehensive global mobility open source data pool. It’s our mission to collate and aggregate existing data from authoritative sources, moving data into a public space so that everyone has access to share, develop, store and verify data. We aim to provide an open source data pool comprised of accurate and up-to-date information that can be accessed easily so this data is being used to its full potential.

Help people solve city, country and global mobility problems. Through this pool of data, we aim to help mobility service operators and developers build the mobility solutions of the future. Whilst this requires a massive collaborative effort from various contributors, we do our part by providing an easy-to-use and innovative platform, and by collecting, managing, storing and verifying data from multiple sources.

Offer the best and easiest way for people to access data. We are committed to making continual improvements to Catalogue to ensure that it is always operating at an optimal level and providing the best user experience whether you’re sharing data, verifying data or using data.

Nurture a community where every voice is heard. At the end of the day, Catalogue is a community of like-minded people and we rely on the input of contributors to keep our wheels turning. We’re all here for the same reason – to provide the best possible transport solutions to commuters around the world. We welcome input and feedback on ways to make the organization and quality of our data even better.