If you’ve got a question about how Catalogue works or how you can get involved, take a look through our most frequently asked questions below. If you’ve still got a question, take a look at our forums or feel free to get in touch anytime via our contact page. A member of the Catalogue development team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

How does Catalogue work?

Catalogue provides a place for you to either share your transport data, or access transport data shared by our contributors. Catalogue provide the tools to help collecting the data and assessing its quality, and the tools to reuse it efficiently to create quickly amazing applications and services.

Where Can I Use this Data?

You’re welcome to use the data anywhere and in any way you like. It belongs to you, as much as it belongs to us.

What about copyright?

We are taking care of original licences that come with the data collected. We recommend the use of Open Licences or Open Database Licences, to allow emerging creative and disruptive new services.

Who can join?

Catalogue is an open community and we welcome anyone with a stake or interest in transport to join. Whether you’re a city government or transport service, a developer looking to create or improve a transport app, a university, a reasearch lab or an individual, you’re welcome to join the community.

Essentially, we’re trying to create as big a pool as possible so that Catalogue will be as useful and accurate as possible. The more the merrier we say.

How can I join?

If you’d like to contribute data, sign up here. If you’d like to access data, sign up here.

How much does it cost?

Catalogue is a not for profit organisation, and we welcome membership fees and financial contributions.

The use of the core functionalities of Catalogue are free. Should you need any additional services to help you managing your data, reusing datasets or integrating with other applications, we’ll be happy to study with you the best way to provide you with a solution.

What kind of mobility data are we collecting?

Literally everything. Catalogue intends to cover all modes of transport including train travel, bus travel, trams, ferries, air transport, driving, car sharing and ride sharing, taxi services and even cycling and bike hire. We know that there’s more than one way to get from A to B, and we want to ensure we are offering all the information anyone could ever need.

What areas does Catalogue cover?

Literally everywhere. It is our aim to provide the most comprehensive global open source of transport, making Catalogue a one-stop shop whether you’re looking for transport options around London, or the best way to get from Beijing to Beirut.

I want to contribute but I’m concerned about privacy.

We take matters of privacy incredibly seriously at Catalogue. We’ll consider any feedback from users about privacy issues with the highest priority.